The Good Soldier . A Tale of Passion por Ford, Ford Madox

The Good Soldier . A Tale of Passion

The Good Soldier . A Tale of Passion

Título del ebook: The Good Soldier . A Tale of Passion
Autor: Ford, Ford Madox
Editorial: Penguin
Categoría: Libros
Fecha de publicación: 4/1/2007
Número de páginas: 256
ISBN: 9780141441849
Idioma: Español
Más información del libro: No posee

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Descripción del libro:

Ford Madox Ford’s extraordinary novel of passion and betrayal, The Good Soldier, is edited with an introduction by David Bradshaw in Penguin Classics. The Dowells, a wealthy American couple, have been close friends with the Ashburnhams for years. Edward Ashburnham, a first-rate soldier, seems to be the perfect English gentleman, and Leonora his perfect wife, but beneath the surface their marriage seethes with unhappiness and deception. Our only window on the strange tangle of events surrounding Edward is provided by John Dowell, the husband he deceives. Gradually Dowell unfolds a devastating story, in which everyone’s honesty is in doubt. The Good Soldier is a masterpiece of narrative skill and emotional depth. David Bradshaw’s introduction discusses John Dowell as the classic unreliable narrator and as English literature’s most fascinating enigma, and shows how Ford Madox Ford’s unconventional narrative structure makes The Good Soldier a modernist masterwork.

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